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You will never meet a more dedicated and passionate team than the TAG Latin America team! We have years of experience in food safety, both in government and in food industry companies, to provide the knowledge and guidance necessary to effectively mitigate risks and protect your brand.

About TAG

Led by former FDA Associate Food Commissioner Dr. David Acheson, The Acheson Group (TAG) is a leading global food safety and public health consulting team of subject matter experts. Founded in 2013, TAG's reputation, team and client base have grown year over year, and continue to add TAG expertise and experience.

Even as we grow, we maintain an agile business model: customizing our service offerings for each client, providing remote or on-site assessments, staying ahead of emerging trends, and adapting to the changing business landscape and environment. That operates.

The TAG team's combined 375+ years of deep industry knowledge and real-world experience will help you implement best practices for risk mitigation, to improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance with rules and regulations, and protect your brand.

TAG Team

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You will never meet a more dedicated and passionate group of consultants than the TAG team. We bring decades of global food safety and public health experience across a wide range of industries to provide the expertise and guidance you need to achieve results.